How will I receive my report?

How will I receive my report?

An email with a link for you to download your report will be sent to the email address you used to register for your Zoom call while you are on the appointment with your observer. The link will remain valid for 24 hours for you to go in and download your results. 
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      Your observer will email the link for you to download or print your report while you are in your appointment with them to ensure you have received your report and that your information is correct. Please download or print your report right away as ...
    • Testing and Appointment Procedure

      Once you have booked your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with the link to join your testing appointment. Our virtual tele-health appointments are performed via Zoom. At your appointment time, join the appointment using the link ...
    • Testing Requirements For Travel

      Our testing meets the requirements for entry to Canada and the US. However we recommend confirming with your travel provider that this will be accepted by them as different travel providers may have different requirements. Our reports have a QR code ...
    • More than one person is being tested, where do I enter their names?

      Only the primary person being tested needs to enter their name for appointment purposes. The names of the other persons being tested will be recorded during the test.
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      For shipping estimates please add your items to your cart and enter your shipping information at checkout. Once the shipping address has been added you will be able to see the shipping options with the estimated times in transit. The rates and time ...