What is an antigen test?

What is an antigen test?

This test screens for the presence of the COVID-19 antigen. A positive result would indicate that you are in an early stage of infection. Do not rely upon the outcome of a screening test result only. A followup PCR or other NAAT-based test is strongly recommended.
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    • List of Authorized Rapid Antigen Tests

      If you are supplying your own rapid antigen test, the following tests may be used with our service: -ACON FlowFlex Antigen Nasal Test -Artron Antigen Nasal Test -BD Veritor Antigen Nasal Test -BTNX Rapid Response Antigen Nasal Test -CovClear Antigen ...
    • Is this test the same as a PCR test?

      No, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) (or NAAT molecular-based) test is a different type of testing technology that may be able to detect the COVID-19 virus before and after the antigen testing window.
    • Is it possible to test positive without symptoms (asymptomatic)?

      Yes, it is. People generally have a wide range of symptoms if they have COVID-19. The antigen may be present in your nasal secretions if you are asymptomatic.
    • Order a Testing Device

      To purchase one of our rapid antigen testing devices please see the following link: https://acculab.ca/product/covid-19-rapid-antigen-travel-test/
    • Testing Requirements For Travel

      Our testing meets the requirements for entry to Canada and the US. However we recommend confirming with your travel provider that this will be accepted by them as different travel providers may have different requirements. Our reports have a QR code ...